Saturday, 19 July 2014

Geocaching Adventure! #CountryKids

Have you heard of Geocaching? Its AWESOME for older kids, well kids and adults of all ages really. I've seen people talking about it on various blogs and things so we downloaded the free app (search Geocaching in the App store) and straightaway 8 geocaches within 2 miles of our house came up! So we headed off up the hill to find our 'treasure' :) 

Of course we had to stop and cuddle the pony along the way.. Shan looks terrified here but she really wasn't - lol!

The view was stunning from behind our house.. I love the clouds in this pic - thankfully they weren't rain clouds and it was super warm the whole time we were out!

The app acts like a GPS compass, so you follow it just like you would a Sat Nav.  It's FAB..!

After 10 minutes of searching every nook and cranny in the 'hot spot' Tayla spotted this with her bionic eye...

I know... it looks like nothing... but if you look very closely in the middle of the pic there's a black, shiny object - super well camouflaged into the tree trunk!

This cache was called 'The Rat Run' and so we found this friendly (thankfully plastic) little rat.. and a tube with a log inside it.. Some caches have little gifts you can take and replace with something else too..

There we are - The BUTTS family........... :) It's just a nickname, thank the lord not our real name!

Super fat dorky selfie with said rat...

We carried on up the White Horse hill with the smell of the burger van encouraging us to keep going and came across this clay (kaolin?) mine.. pretty cool - the pic doesn't do it justice for just how huge it is!

The paragliders and handgliders were all out as it was perfect conditions for them to fly - we got chatting to some of them whilst wolfing down a huge burger at the top of the hill and they even offered to take the girls out one day. Over my dead body!!!!!!!! haha! Those things are too unpredictable man - Tayla said she wouldn't go because she was worried a bird would fly into her and rip her contraption to pieces... lol! She is So her mother's child.

What outdoor activities have you been getting up to now that the weather is so delicious? Link up your posts to the #CountryKids linky below - huge inspiration over here people!

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