Friday, 28 February 2014

GlossyBox Review: February 2014 - Valentine's Edition

Eeekk! It's like a mini Christmas every month when my GlossyBox turns up at my front door.  What's not to love about even just the design of this month's box! 
*insert high-pitched squeal of excitement here*


As a woman always on a diet, I've got to be honest and say the first thing I noticed was the extra Lindt choccie the GlossyBox elves popped into this month's box. It needs no explantation, just YUM. 

Right onto the real stuff. The beauty stuff! I've thought about this a lot... I know I have a Love-Hate relationship with GlossyBox (see post HERE on that) but ... the reality is... YES. I probably could get 75% of the items in the box at a Debenhams beauty counter by way of a sample.
 But firstly.... 
I'm a country girl. 
Debenhams is pretty FAR away to just pop in and pick up a sample.

Secondly, I'm not one for faffing around beauty counters with 3 kids for hours on end. 
The GlossyBox items are selected for me according to my profile and shipped to my door... what more could a girl ask for?

And lastly (because I'm not sure THIRDLY is even a word)
The full size product in the box almost always makes up for the cost of the box. EVERY TIME.

Take this gorgeous Ciate nail polish for example. 

My 2 pennies worth: Love Love LOVE this nail polish.  It's easy to apply, looks great, has a fabulous shine and stays on forever, even with lots of dishwashing and kid-taxi-driving in play.  The photo below was taken 3 days after application - pretty darn good going! 

I've gotta be honest. If hair products include any form of oil ingredient I STAY AWAY. I have super oily hair and so the shampoo / conditioner just made my hair look exactly the same and the shampoo didn't lather at all. I ended up jumping back in the shower and re-washing with my trusty Tresemme! 

The leave-in conditioner was AMAZING! It didn't make my hair oily, just super sleek after I'd straightened it and it smells amazing! Think coconuts on the beach. YEAH.

Eldora Eyelashes - Full Size - £ 3.90

Eldora is a professional brand and they boast a wide range so there are styles to suit everyone. I haven't tried these yet but I hope to try them out on a Moms Night Out soon - watch this space.

pssssttt! They have a fab YouTube channel, with an amazing, easy-to-apply eyelash tutorial! Click HERE to check that out.

Sparkling Body shimmer which smells beautiful. Apply as a body lotion and let it shimmer away.
 I did a test patch and this stuff is stunning - will definitely be using this to shimmer my legs in the summertime.


'New formula which provides full, bold coverage for kissable lips'

This is the product I was the MOST excited about. I do love a nude lip. However... the colour is SO nude that it cannot be seen by the human eye. 

See my colour swatch below....

Can you see it? Can you?
Me neither.

I know it's nude... but seriously, I could just wear a colourless lip balm and have the same effect.

Sorry Maybelline - I love your products ALL the time, but I just don't get this one.

GlossyBox now comes with it's own GlossyMag... a quick flick through beauty trends and some of the products included. I particularly enjoyed 'the story behind Nougat London' I love a success story me. :)

Overall... I loved the February Glossybox - so I'm rating it 4/5 Lovebumps. I only knocked off one point for the Maybelline Lipstick. :( 


If you'd like to signup - click HERE, it's like Christmas! In a box.