Wednesday, 8 January 2014

Shenanigans of late..

We've been scarce. 

The easiest way for you to catch up is in picture format. So here goes... feast your eyes on the shenanigans of late..

'Bend it like Tayla' whipped us all up the hill for a photo shoot of her... well... bending. And flipping.

And Twirling..

And making my heart stop which was only fixable with strong coffee..

She took a fab photo of this sheep, and then it took a dump... right into her camera lens... it's too gross to share.

DIY Dave struck again and started on his charity shop bench project. It's still in progress as we need to paint it but the boy did good! (Will share completed project as soon as it's finished and looking amazing in my kitchen!)

My Dad went off for his brain surgery and my sister and I helped out at his pub for a few days. Here we are looking special with Tobes.

Of course.. like many of you.. we had a special visitor!

Who left lots of lovely gifts and love, even though we really had to make an effort to feel the Christmas spirit this year with Dad being so ill.

Santa dropped off this amazing French girl too..

And this crazy Nanna..

High-waisted, skinny, bleachy looking jeans were on the teenagers list for Santa.... he had to hunt HIGH AND LOW ALL OVER THE COUNTRY to find these. Result.

Number 3 was chuffed to bits with her unexpected keyboard.... she's whipped up a few tunes already so Way to go Santa!

Bendy Tayla asked for a new gymnastics outfit and Ta-Daaa! She looks the PART now.

I was thoroughly spoilt with a very unexpected diamond ring. Eeeeeekkkk!!!!!!!!!!! Love and Awesomeness.

Then I felt really bad because I only bought Dave a rugby shirt (the wrong one... again) and an amplifier. Oh well, it's the thought that counts and all that jazzle.

Oh. And this shirt. He got this Lumberjack shirt which he loves of course.

Mini-Me!  Absolute twins!

We take AWESOME professional family photo's... I know.. you're jealous.

Best picture of the year coming up.......... Wait for it.................................



BWAHAHAHAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAA!!! She's going to kill me. The jeans look good though.

So that's a glimpse into what's been happening around these parts. How was your festive season? Have you blogged about it? Leave a link in the comments if you have, I always need something to read with a cuppa and a biccie.

Happy Wednesday Dudes!