Wednesday, 21 August 2013

Heaven's Gate

Last Sunday we found ourselves with just ONE child to entertain. Yip. Just one. The eldest two went to spend time with Aunty Meg and Shan opted to stay at home for some mommy spoiling.  I said she could do whatever she liked ( within reason ) ha! She opted to 'go camping' with a 'real fire' 

So we packed up a picnic, her tent, some chairs and our fire bomb and headed off to the lake.

Sparkly shoes are a MUST for these occasions

The lake doesn't allow Open Fires. Or Tents.  Panic set in. We drove round to the other side of the lake to Heaven's Gate to see if we could find a spot there...

No picnic spots here either. Time for a lie down whilst madly trying to think of a Plan B I think.

There is an intelligent story about these lumps of rock. Something to do with the a dude that lived on Longleat Estate (Heaven's Gate is part of the Longleat estate) anyhoo... this dude whipped up these lumps of rock and when he died they displayed them here. Or something. I am USELESS with history and facts.

Pretty beautiful huh?

Longleat House - we did a review of this here... FUN day out if you're in Wiltshire at Christmas time!

So... after driving around the countryside for a couple of hours we ended up........

Back home in the garden! Ha! Tents and camp fires most definitely allowed here.

Sneaking hot chocolate into the tent. Yes. That is my awesome liquorice allsort pegbag you see photo bombing this picture of perfectness.

Sometimes the most fun is had in the sunshine in the garden.With hot chocolate. And camp fires. And a cute kid. And a tent. Simples.

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