Friday, 21 June 2013

London Town

I'm off to London Town for the weekend. I {HEART} London and all of it's deliciousness.

I'll be attending Britmums Live - The most Uber Awesome blogging conference of the year, and on Saturday, I'll be up on the stage babbling on about Pinterest - if you're there, pop over and say Howdy!

Last night I threw a total fit INSIDE my tiny wardrobe. I H.A.T.E all of my clothes. I'm too fat / short / tall / wide / dorky for most of my clothes and let's not even START on the boobage issue.

So, instead of being practical and matching outfits, I decided to sit on my butt and browse Pinterest. If I had thought about this 3 weeks earlier like an organised person, I would've definitely ordered these....

London Skyline leggings - what's not to love??

And these... Eeeekkk!! London Toms!! Yes pleeeeaaasseee!!!!!!!

Instead, I'll be squished into a tshirt that is FAR too small, and some wobbly uncomfortable blue shoes. Look out for me - I won't be hard to miss!

If you're there - tweet me @thelovebump
Follow me on Pinterest and PIN with me too! (All of these images are on my Britmums Live board!)
I may even throw in a Live Vlog or two :) 

Have a FAB weekend ya'll!