Tuesday, 5 March 2013

PinAddicts Challenge March: Washi Tape my LIFE!

What do you do when gifted with umpteen rolls of gorgeous floral washi tape? 

You sticky tape the hell out of wooden letters people. That's what you do.

And they turn out fabulous. Yes, they really do. From now on, NOTHING will escape the stickiness of my tape. Everything will be covered in washi tape goodness. 

I recently heard about a chick who washi-taped her ENTIRE dining table. That's sellotape dedication for you.

Whad'dya think?

Not too bad for a first attempt if I do say so myself. And it could not be easier...

You need a Wooden letter (or letters, I'll be doing every word in the dictionary ALL over the house)
Some washi tape
Modge Podge

Stick the washi tape all over your letter. (this is the fun, creative bit) Taking care to tuck in the edges.  Once completely covered, mod podge over the top and VOILA! You're done. Simple Pimple.

Display proudly on shelves, walls, counter tops.... Everywhere. Admire. Love.

Of course I originally saw this on Pinterest here:


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