Tuesday, 12 March 2013

And then they grow up??!!

Did you sleep last night? Did you wake up every couple of hours to feed, change & rock your baby? Does your arm feel like it's going to fall off from carrying her around? :)

"This too shall pass." 

When my babies were little, people used to say that to me ALL.THE.TIME.

I thought they were Lying with a capital L. I was 19 years old with a 2 year old and a newborn, broke broke broke and my new baby had colic. Such a bad case of colic, that when our neighbour's moved in next door, the lady came over and introduced herself armed with Colic Medicine. 

"Hi, I'm Liezl, I brought you colic medicine" 

It worked. The screaming stopped. I loved my neighbour for it. (Love you Liezl!) 

Anyhoo, I'm getting distracted.  

During that time I remember thinking that the screaming would never end. 

The endless nappy changes would never end. 

I thought I would NEVER drink a warm cup of tea again. 

I thought I would spend the rest of my LIFE singing Barney songs at 2am every morning, rocking a crying baby while pinching myself to stay awake while trying to get her to sleep.

"This too shall pass" 

I should have listened. Because one day, you wake up......................

and they are going on CAMP people.

For 5 days. 

With all their mates and a teacher you've barely said Hello to before. 

Without You.

And they're excited beyond belief. And they give you a taste of those early days because again, they don't sleep all night. This time from excitement and not from a sore tummy.

You're excited for them. And you're hoping they enjoy every minute. And you're Scared. Freaking sh*tless.

And your thought process totally changes and you rock yourself to sleep, sobbing while clutching a very large bottle of wine
Image: jadeyipdotcom
My darling Tayla, I know you will have the MOST wonderful time this week and try every single activity & game. I promise not to hide in the bushes, spying on you with my binocular's like Crazy Mom.

I thought about it.... but you'd probably never live that one down. I love you my Tayla Wayla ... so so very much! x