Thursday, 14 February 2013

S'mores, Kumbaya & Dancing on the kitchen table..

So.... I wanna know.... what do you do with 3 bored children when the weather is SO FLIPPING SUCKY?? 

You eat cake. And cookies. And chocolate. 

You bake. A LOT. A lot. A lot. And ultimately... you pack on the pounds. Unless you stride it all off on Sunday with a vigorous march around the park - just like I do.

I'm a huge 'American Blog' reader (no I'm not going off on a tangent here - bear with me) My love of all things blog started by 'nosying' into American moms lives. I was fascinated by their positivity, their organisation, their seemingly HUGE houses, their seemingly HUGE EVERYTHING.
 Their S'mores. 

WHAT THE HECK IS A S'MORE??!! From what I could gather, it's something our American folk get extremely excited about - I imagined something gooey, marshmallowish, that is devoured around the campfire whilst singing Kumbaya Ma' Lord.

I wasn't far wrong. They are cookies of gooish deliciousness....and YES, they make you want to raise your arms to the heavens and belt out 'Kumbaya' whilst standing on your kitchen table wearing nothing but S'mores and an apron.   Woah... I hope my mom's not reading this. ( Hi Mom)

So.... when the lovely Ashleigh from The Eat Me Cookie Company  emailed me, offering to post me a box of S'more goodies...from the depths of the Welsh countryside ... well.... I cannot tell you my excitement. I tuned up my Banjo strings for musical interludes and EVERYTHING.

Hello box of S'more Surprise..

Mid WOW!

Oh yes people, S'mores in a jar - it doesn't get better than this!

A jar filled with S'more goodness, a couple of extra goodies, and we were good to go!

Whip out the gooey goodness - keep this for the last bit!

Empty the cookie mix into a bowl

Instruct your helper to 'give it a good mix'

Whir it up a bit..

Pour in gooey goodness..

The texture is like full on American Cookie Dough - and the SMELL..... YUMMO DELUXE!

Shape and plonk on a baking sheet

Cookie dough thief!!

By this stage, I had the Banjo out..

Puffed up, melty, gooey, delish cookie goodness...

Yes. That is milk in a whisky tumbler. I'm so cool like Jagger.

The Eat Me Cookie Company has a wide range of Cake & Cookie Mix Jars, all posted to your front door and packaged up in Beautiful Weck jars.  Only the finest (and organic where possible) ingredients are used in the mixes - look out for their Easter range coming to the shop soon! These make AMAZING gifts for adults and littlies and retail for just £9.99 - great gift price in my books!

Now excuse me while I have a little S'more induced song and a dance. Wanna come over?

*The Eat Me Cookie Company kindly sent me a S'mores jar for the purpose of review. All thoughts, nakedness and bad dancing are entirely my own.*