Wednesday, 2 January 2013

Sticky Forrid

Forrid.... Forehead.  Potato... Puh-tart-oh. Tomato... Tuh-mart-oh.

Right, now that's out of the way.. on with the game.

The game of Sticky Forrid.

Heard of it?

If you're looking to keep adults older kids entertained for ho hum..... about half an hour for FREE, then this game is perfect for you.  

You need: 

Post It notes (or strong spit)
Some pens or pencils

 Dave is SO going to kill me for these charming photo's.

Anyhoo - here's how it works:

  1. Hand out a post-it note and a pen to each player.   They must write the name of a famous person, sports personality, character - someone you all know on this sticky note.
  2. Everyone folds up their note and chucks it into a hat / bowl / bedpan - what have you.
  3. Shake up the bedpan.
  4. Each person selects a paper out of the bowl  and unfolds it WITHOUT LOOKING and sticks it on their forehead.  ( I designated myself as the paper head sticker, because I KNEW they would cheat, then one of them stuck mine on for me)
  5. Take it in turns to each ask a question to which the answer must be Yes or No.

So... for example...

Am I Male?
Am I a Cartoon?
Am I sexy?

You get the gist. The first person to guess who they are correctly - WINS!

It might sound lame, and I may get called 'old aunty maureen' when I pull this one out the bag, but everyone always enjoys it.

*WARNING - Be aware of 'trips to the toilet'........ certain small people feel the need to urgently wee, read their sticky forrid's in the bathroom mirror, then come back to the game and shockingly guess exactly who they are - without even asking a question.  I'm not mentioning any names though.


Have fun!

What games do you force encourage your bored children to play? Let me know in the comments :)