Friday, 25 January 2013

Some Things That I Love

A little list... I loves me some lists..

Something I read: The lovely Thrifty Mrs has been organising our lives with her amazing Blog Series entitled: "15 Days to an Organised New You!" Honestly... this chick is SHA-mazing... As it's a New Year and all, I'm in Organisation Mode & following the posts religiously - click HERE for yesterday's link to organising a Gift Wrap Station in your home. Simple Pimples. 
Some thing I watched: Hmm... I haven't been watching much TV this week... I have however been watching a few YouTube video's and loved this one in particular by South African Youtuber (yay for my homies) Caspar Lee - he's now living in London for a while, but has drawn his life thus far - I love the technology of this, it reminds me of a trendy, shmexy Rolf Harris. God I hope he never reads this. 

Some thing I wore: CAKE. I wore CAKE. I have been shuving cake down this month like I've been told I can never eat Cake again.  I think it's due to my 'no-alcohol for January' fundraiser. If I can't drink Wine, I'm going to Eat Cake. If you'd like to find out more about my brother and I fundraising for Cancer Research this month - click HERE to do that. Come back though - there's more juicy stuff to read here.

Banana Shmanana... oh yyeeaaahhh..
Some thing I listened to:
 Coughing. There has been no musical jives in my house this week as we're all down with the dreaded lurgy. AGAIN. So we have been bopping along to the rhythm of coughing. I know. We live on the edge here people.
Some thing I cannot live without: 

Flu meds. I know, I'm a boring old fart this week aren't I. But honestly, I totally GET how millions of people died from flu before we had all these fancy meds - it's a disgusting, vile virus. Nearly on par with the dreaded puke bug.

Well on that note, HAPPY FRIDAY YA'LL! 
*cough cough, splutter splutter splutter, cough, cough* (Flu version of Bohemian Rhapsody. I know - I'm cool Like Jagger)

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