Tuesday, 23 October 2012

Mom. Is THIS swearing? How about this?

So..... a recent in-depth conversation with my 7 year old went something like this...

Mom! Look here! Is this swearing??

(I'm totally blaming this on school playground debates by the way)

Ok Ok.. how about this....??

And this?

Ok Mom... wait... this is a BAD one... don't tell me off ok?..... What about THIS?

Mom...... What if you had an accident & ALL of your toes got chopped off except your middle toe on each foot. THAT would DEFINITELY be swearing. I hope that never happens to me.

Keeping a straight face was obviously impossible. And for the record - she didn't once do the correct swearing finger. GO ME. :)

Do your kids have these kind of conversations? Have you caught them swearing? My eldest once dropped a Bible IN CHURCH and said Sh*t as she dropped it. No no, she SHOUTED "OH SH*T!" ..... Cringe....