Sunday, 15 January 2012

Do you love Pinterest?! Join our Challenge!

It just totally rocks! Are YOU loving this Virtual pinboard as much as me? I thought so.

A couple of weeks back at 3 o'clock in the morning I had a fabulous blog thought (as you do) and it has transpired into this................

The Pinterest Challenge!

A group of us on Twitter have teamed up to share our love of Pinterest.  We don't proclaim to be the worlds best crafters, but hell, we're gonna try. And we want YOU to join us!  There will be Cake & Crafting & Baking & Cooking & Fun & New Friendships & Prizes & Blog Love.

Good times.

So how does it work? Well, we start our First link up on Monday 6th February, Right Here on The Lovebumps blog!

How awesomely exciting!! Prizes will be awarded AT RANDOM, not for the best craft/cake - it's not a competition :) Pinner Prize winners will be picked by Random.Org, and announced the Wednesday after the Linky closes.  We will be feeding you inspiration all week via our FANTASTIC PinAddicts blogs...If you're reading this, you all know pretty much everything about me, if not, click over to the sidebar on the right and read underneath my 'Pop!' photo :) Follow me on Pinterest HERE .

But for now.....Meet the rest of the  PinAddict team..

**Drum Roll please!**


Hello Viv!
I am a mid-30s SAHM from Wiltshire also know as @MelkshamMum.
In a  former life I was a primary school teacher but now my time is spent seeing to the needs of my 5 and 3 year old . My spare time - ha ha - is spent blogging, tweeting, baking, eating cake, trying to burn off the calories from the cake and learning to make things. I fail quite miserably at the 'making things' but with the Pinaddicts Challenge I intend to become a fantastic crafter!

Pinterest: Viv - Melksham Mum Twitter: @MelkshamMum  Facebook: Melksham Mum 
 Blog: Melksham Mum

Hello butwhymummywhy!

I'm a twenty-something mummy to two little girls, Noo who's 4 and Little E who is 1. Despite my mum's awesomeness at craft I myself am a completely hopeless crafter who gives up on the majority of my projects! This is a super challenge for me that my love of Pinterest with get me through!!

Pinterest: Butwhymummywhy  Twitter: @Butwhymummywhy  Blog: Butwhymummywhy
Facebook: Butwhymummywhy

Hey Jess!
Hi, my name is Jess. I'm mummy to a little girl (born Nov 2010) and I'm currently training to become a massage therapist. In my spare time I blog as Mum2BabyInsomniac and I'm just about to launch my new site named The Perfect Romance Experiment which is dedicated to my special interest in relationships. I have always loved being creative but discovering Pinterest has inspired me to a new level and I am incredibly excited about being part of the PinAddicts Challenge!

Pinterest: Mum2BabyInsomniac Twitter: @mum2babyinsomni  Facebook: Mum2Babyinsomniac 
Blog: Mum2Babyinsomniac  Blog: The Perfect Romance Experiment

Hello Kerry! (great name BTW)
A South African transplant, living in Herts attempting to raise 3 children under 4 and maintain some sense of me and who I am within all the chaos. A part time working registered nurse, Christ-lover and grow-your-own-veger with a little bit of mommy blogging about my joys and struggles, cooking and crafting thrown in for good measure!

Pinterest: Kerry Botha  Twitter: @KerryBotha1  Facebook: SimplyOutnumbered  
Blog: SimplyOutnumbered

Hey Louise!
 I am a sewing, gardening, wine drinking mother of two who is now the wrong side of 40. I make pillowcase dresses for charity (feel free to join in!) and talk about fabric a lot. I'm slightly obsessed with Phillip Schofield and stalking minor celebrities on Twitter. Now completely addicted to Pinterest. I need to get off the computer and start making stuff again!

Pinterest: SewScrumptious  Twitter: @SewScrumptious Facebook: SewScrumptious
Blog: Sew Scrumptious

Hello Steph! (Sexy Ears BTW)
Thirty something mum of one, a bit of a procrastinator who can bake a pretty good cake but can't craft to save her life! But I'm happy to give it a go!

So today, in the comments, please link up YOUR PINTEREST LINK, so we can all follow each other, and pin pin pin! See our PinAddicts boards for inspiration and to take a peek at what we plan on making. Don't forget to use the hashtag #PinAddicts if you chat about it all on Twitter! I'll post more info on 6th Feb, but for now, go get yourselves ready for our first linky &.............................

So....... who's excited?