Monday, 22 September 2014

Meal Planning Monday - 22nd Sept

Here's our menu for this week!

It's Dave's birthday on Tuesday so he's requested the Chorizo Stew.. It's pretty yummooo! Other than that it's a pretty normal week :) My Aldi haul is below in Video format if you'd like to see what I bought!

Monday: Mac 'n Cheese
Tuesday: Chorizo & Spinach Stew
Wednesday: Sausages, Mash & Mixed Veg
Thursday: Beef & Ale Stew with Basmati Rice
Friday: Homemade Pizza
Saturday: Beefburgers

Linking up this meal plan to Mrs M's Meal Planning - check out the linky for more yummo inspiration!

 mpm different fonts.png

What's on the menu at your house this week?

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Sunday, 21 September 2014

Sunday Faves #2: Baboons, Glitter & Scary Dolls!

Every Sunday I'll be sharing some of my favourite posts from around blogland. Kind of like a mini-pinterest board of my favourite reads from the past week. Sometimes things can get so crazy here online and you can literally have 1000 blog posts thrown at you every single day... So I'm narrowing my favourite few down for you to pick and choose from. Enjoy!

{Photo Credit}

Jess from 'Let's do Something Crafty'  made this scary doll bunting which quite frankly scared the bejeezus out of me but how awesome does it look?! Perfect for Halloween! Haha go Jess!

{Photo Credit}
Claire over at The Witt Family wrote a post on her Sunday night pampering essentials... her sweet hubby even sets up the iPad for her so she can catchup on her favourite show while she chillaxes...too cute! She also has a FAB YouTube channel  - check it out HERE.

{Photo Credit}
Lovely Louise from Sprinkle of Glitter is celebrating her 5th blogaversary. She still remains one of  my all time favourite bloggers, Youtubers & people on the planet. Her humour and passion for life will make you all goosebumpy. I love her.

se7en - 200614 - 0807.jpg
{Photo Credit}
Se7en+1 is a homeschooling Mom of 8 gorgeous kids and lives in my hometown in Cape-Town. (that's not her in the pic BTW.. lol!!) I stalk her blog often as her posts are super-informative, fun and remind me so much of home. How could I forget about the baboons that used to freak us out and wreck our houses on a regular basis?! Check out her post on the Cape Point trail HERE.

What were your favourite posts from around blogland this week?

Thanks for stopping by!

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Sunday, 14 September 2014

Sunday Faves - Free Education, Homegrown Veg & Love to Admire

Every Sunday I'll be sharing some of my favourite posts from around blogland. Kind of like a mini-pinterest board of my favourite reads from the past week. Sometimes things can get so crazy here online and you can literally have 1000 blog posts thrown at you every single day... So I'm narrowing my favourite few down for you to pick and choose from. Enjoy! 

Ok... I tried the 'Live Well, Spend Zero' challenge - I failed miserably by the 2nd day... it's easier said than done BUT I do think it's a fantastic idea and I've been inspired to TRY and watch what we spend.  Check out 50 cool things to learn that won't cost a thing...  Number 24 had me addicted!!

Image Credit: Living Well Spending Less

Soulemama is a Canadian, home-schooling, fun-loving, home-growing Mama of 5 and I have loved her blog since I first started blogging all those years ago. Can you believe she grew all this food herself? I love her little piece of the internet.. it's calming and super inspiring.

@SouleMama - In the Garden... all homegrown... what a lovely life!
Image Credit -

Samantha from HappilyAHousewife is seriously going to think I'm stalking her.... BUT this woman is flipping amazing and organizing and planning and just being a mom. I love her YouTube channel, I love her blog.. she's just ace. Check out this post on Lunchbox Essentials... fab tips here dudes - muffin cases to seperate things? Genius.

Lunchbox Essentials - great post by Samantha at @HappilyAHousewife
Image Credit -

Lastly, if you've followed me here for a few years you'll know about my love for Meg Duerksen. She and her hubby recently celebrated their 20th wedding anniversary and this is what she had to say..

he is my best friend and he lets me know i am his.
he is so funny and he makes me feel like i am VERY funny.
he is patient, considerate and thorough.
he is the hardest worker.
he’s helpful & grateful.
he takes care of me and his family like an expert.
i am so proud to be his wife… i can’t believe i am so lucky.
He didn’t leave when he could have.
he has always been right here.
*this bit got me......... simple, honest, true! 
thank you mr. duerksen.
for making twenty years feel like a cake walk.
i love you.

I really hope I'm writing similar words in 15 years time :)

So those were my favourite posts this week - please share yours with me in the comments, I'd love to check them out! 
Thanks for stopping by,
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Monday, 8 September 2014

Finding a little good in every day

Every now and then I join in with Fat Mum Slim's 'Photo-A-Day' challenge. This awesome blogger aka Fat Mum Slim in the land of Down Under puts together these daily topics every month and you post a pic on Instagram, her Facebook wall, her Group page, Google + - heck, wherever you like... tag it with #fmsphotoaday and basically share the photo love.

I read on her website that people have actually improved their outlook on life by finding the good in every day in searching out their photo topic. It's such a simple thing but it honestly makes you look at things differently and it's so cool to see how people interpret the topic in different ways.  

Interpret. Is that a word? It is now.

And so.......the topics for September are
September Photo A Day 2014

So here goes... The first 7 I posted are....

Day 1: In my cup - the remnants of hot chocolate the night before :)

Day 2: Stripes

Day 3: Button - Me: "ooh I need a photo of a button for #fmsphotoaday" teenager: "here mom, use mine, don't get my face in" LOL.

Day 4: DIY - I literally had a BLAST doing this :) 

Day 5: Upside Down - this kid turns our house upside-down. EVERY. DAY.

Day 6: I Need... to stop eating crap :( 

Day 7: Father this time last year my dad was seemingly healthy, then one day in September he collapsed in a supermarket carpark and all of our lives were turned upside down as he was diagnosed with a brain tumour that doctors think had been slowly growing for around 7 years. He had brain surgery at Christmas and woke up unable to move his entire right hand side. Because he's a stubborn old bugger he forced himself to move and within a month he was able to stand and slowly walk again. He's had endless problems since the op including blood clots, a pulmonary embolism and now an enlarged heart which has slowed him down again. He's kept such a brave face throughout this whole ordeal and even though he's had to give up work after 50 years of working hard pretty much every single day he still manages to keep high spirits. I love him so much and I'm so proud that he is my Dad

Are you joining in with Fat Mum Slim? What's your favourite prompt on the list? 

Thanks for stopping by!

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Wednesday, 20 August 2014

Delicious, Easy Summer Breakfast - Overnight Oats

My mom started making me these when we joined up to Slimming World - they are YUMMY and healthy and super quick to make.  Just layer everything in a glass and leave in the fridge overnight to set.  I find drizzling a little bit of honey over the oats helps them to soak up a bit of moisture and that way they're not too dry.

If you're lazy like me rushed in the mornings this is a super quick, tasty brekkie that's surprisingly filling too. Last night I couldn't get away with just making one and had orders for FIVE for breakfast this morning - bonus.. the kitchen was clean this morning as there was just 5 glasses to wash up... result!

Let me know if you try it and what you think :)

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Sunday, 17 August 2014


So we went AWOL for a while.........

This is why...

We spent the last week at the gorgeous Trewan Hall campsite in Cornwall. I was a virgin camper so I was pretty nervous about the trip but I'm totally converted.... we had SUCH a fab time bodyboarding, swimming, bbqing, reading, playing and just zoning out from the real world for a while.

I'm editing all of our footage from the week so I'll upload it into a vlog on my YouTube Channel this week - my only regret? That we didn't book it for 2 weeks!

Have you been away this summer? Where did you go? What did you see? :)

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Saturday, 2 August 2014

Dance Crazy

My kids are DANCE CRAZY. Like CRAZEE. The eldest 2 started when they were really young... like toddling around - in the end Niamh chose horses. Tayla chose dance.
And she LOVED it. (Huge thanks to Miss Sarah Cookney!)

When we moved to the UK she struggled to find a dance school that she fit into or one that was even on the same level as SCAD in Cape-Town.
Until we found Katie. Well, until Katie found us :) 
Tayla had been really involved with gymnastics after we moved here and it was there I met my gym jail mate, Nicky. After a year or so of babbling away every Friday afternoon the girls class was split and we stopped seeing each other so often. Until one day she facebooked me about a new dance school her friend had just set up called Wombats.

So off we went for our first trial - that was back in February and we have NEVER looked back.  The girls LOVE the class and they LOVE Katie. She's an amazing teacher and a true dance inspiration.

Now both Shanah and Tayla go twice a week, they flip, they point, they twirl, they sweat blood and tears and they both work so bloody hard to do their very best.  And it pays off because they're both pretty awesome if I do say so myself. *bursting proud mother moment here*

The school has grown over the last few months from just a handful of kids to the group you see in the picture above. Every single one of these girls are amazing and they have all grown in confidence and skill in such a short time.

Katie - we love you to bits, Thank You for putting the passion and spirit back into dance for my girls. You're awesome. You ROCK!

Do your kids do an afterschool club? What do they enjoy doing?

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